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Why do I need telephone caller identity services?
February 18, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Why do I need telephone caller identity services?

In a world where scammers are calling your potential clients dozens of times a day, it can be difficult to get potential customers to answer the phone. A telephone caller identity service can help with this. Prescott-Martini provides caller ID services to help you make more effective calls without getting treated like SPAM.

Establish your brand

By using telephone caller identity services, you can build a relationship of trust with potential clients before they even answer the phone. Your clients are busy and don’t want to waste time answering calls from SPAM numbers or scammers. Attention to details like having your name on a caller ID screen with a call coming from a sales rep can go a long way to starting a strong business relationship.

Eliminate unknown numbers

It’s become commonplace in society to screen phone calls. Cell phones have made it even easier to do so with caller ID that not only shows the number but also where it’s from. If there’s any doubt in the mind of a potential customer who’s calling, the call will likely be sent to voicemail. We know that you don’t want to waste your time leaving a message then waiting for a callback. Caller identity services will help this by displaying your name on the screen of a caller receiver to help with your answer rates.

Manage your reputation

Telephone caller identity is crucial for high-volume outbound callers like call centers. While many call centers aren’t SPAM callers, an unknown number can be blocked by a cell phone carrier or telecommunications company. This will hurt answer rates and sales at no fault of your employees. Proper identification of your calls will separate them from SPAM callers and ensure that those who you’re calling see that it is, indeed, a legitimate call.

Prevent spoofing

In addition to getting lumped in with SPAM callers, you can authenticate your number and caller ID in order to truly separate yourself from scammers who might be posing as you. Scammers like to spoof numbers of people and companies that are known to improve their answer rates and gain trust with potential targets. STIR-SHAKEN authentication provides your customers with the peace of mind that you are who you say you are.

Number authentication

A telephone caller identity service verifies phone numbers using a MySQL data link. If you have a “verified caller-ID” tag from our ANI inventory, we will produce a Service Provider signature certificate from the national STIR-SHAKEN administrator. We’ll then return the MySQL data to you so you can insert it into your call SIP header. This makes it so that a call receiver can be confident in who the caller is before answering with a message verifying who’s on the other end. You can also add to, edit, or delete information in the ANI on your account.

Contact Prescott-Martini today

With our STIR-SHAKEN authentication service, you can be sure that your caller identity services are always providing accurate information for your clients. The Prescott-Martini team has more than 150 years of combined telecommunications technical experience, so we know how to provide you with the proper solutions. Get started today by sending a message via our online contact form. We’ll be sure to get back to you promptly.