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Stir / Shaken: How Does It Work?


The call originator sends a destination number, via MySQL data link, to Prescott-Martini for Stir-Shaken treatment. Here is what happens then:

  • Prescott-Martini receives the MySQL data query from you;
  • We add a “verified caller-ID” from our ANI inventory (this can also be your existing ANIs that are ported to Prescott-Martini’s CLEC);
  • We produce our Service Provider signature certificate that has been generated by the national STIR-SHAKEN administrator, and is accepted by every major telephone carrier in the U.S. as those carriers turn up Stir-Shaken on the termination side;
  • We return the MySQL data to you, for insertion into your call SIP header. We have produced an API where you can add/edit/delete any ANI in your account.
  • The destination call receiver sees a message similar to this in its caller ID screen (call from Mom). If the token is B or C level, the receiver may get a different message.

How to get STIR-SHAKEN
  • Send your calls to us, we will add a Stir / Shaken token, and send the call to a Tier 1 carrier for termination, or we will send the call to your carrier for termination. Volume sensitive per token pricing
  • Send a Stir / Shaken request to us via MYSQL, we'll return the token to you for insertion into your SIP header. Volume sensitive per token pricing.
  • Stand-by service. Don't need Stir / Shaken quite yet? Set-up stand-by service where you are connected with us, the engineering and testing is done, and we'll provide several million tokens a month until you are ready to open your full volume. A flat-rate service.
  • Flat-rate high-volume service. We will remotely manage our service that we will embed into your platform, at your switching locations. All of these solutions can use your existing ANIs, or our Verified ANIs.