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What is Token Based Authentication?
January 20, 2021 at 10:30 PM
token based authentication can help eliminate robocalls from your business.

Data security has never been more critical for businesses, especially as more companies move their operations into online and telecommuting realms. Getting flooded with robocalls and phone scams can easily slow down your business. Token based authentication will supply you with sophisticated, affordable solutions for robocall-prevention while adhering to federal consumer privacy regulations.

Prescott-Martini provides STIR-SHAKEN services for telecom companies, focusing on verified ANIs and tokens for outbound call generators. We help our clients observe federal legislation regarding robocalls, including the TCPA and Federal TRACE Act. Token-based authentication is an essential component of the services we provide.

What are the different authorization token types?

Essentially, tokens are a permanent way to authenticate a caller or user. Instead of users re-entering their password every time they need to access a server, a token offers immediate connection for internet applications. For telecom companies, you can send your calls to Prescott-Martini. We either provide a certificate to verify the caller forever or end the call. There are three kinds of tokens for authentication:

  • Connected: physical tokens that insert into a system, like a disc or USB drive.
  • Contactless: an object that allows access when it’s close to a system, like a FOB or the biometric ring created by Microsoft.
  • Disconnected: a device that communicates with a system across a great distance, like two-factor authentication with your cell phone.

You can port your calls to us by embedding STIR-SHAKEN into your platform. We’ll authenticate your calls with your existing ANIs or provide our own verified tokens. Incoming-callers will present as verified in an on-screen message, and the call will be allowed to complete. Token-based authentication allows callers to go through certification by Prescott-Martini once and maintain their verified status.

Learn the four steps of token-based authentication.

All token-based authentication begins with action by the user. For online applications, users enter their password into a server for access. For telecom companies, authentication starts just with a phone call. There are four necessary steps to authentication:

  1. Request: a user initiates the call, and the telecom company sends the call to Prescott-Martini for the STIR-SHAKEN process.
  2. Verification: Prescott-Martini determines verification of a caller and continues, or else ends the call.
  3. Tokens: We issue one of our ANIs or use yours previously ported to our CLEC.
  4. Storage: A “caller verified” or similar message appears for the incoming call.

Every major telephone carrier in the United States acknowledges our certificates, ensuring calls are recognized and verified across services.

Token-based authentication is right for your telecom company.

Even if you feel as though your company is handling its ANIs well on its own, you can benefit by partnering with a dedicated company like Prescott-Martini. We’re experienced in helping telecom companies meet FCC and congressional regulations and comply with critical guidelines like the Federal Trade Act.

We have over 150 years of experience in telecommunications technology and are adept and finding unique and affordable solutions for companies to adhere to anti-robocalling and consumer privacy regulations.

Set up STIR-SHAKEN for your telecom company to meet FCC and congressional guidelines.

Prescott-Martini is an authorized provider of both tokens for outbound calls and verified ANIs. Our products help companies to comply with the Federal TRACE Act while blocking phone scams and robocalling.

Our service is scalable for your needs, particularly if you’re a new business that isn’t running at full volume yet. We first execute the engineering and testing with our StandBy Service to ensure you’re STIR-SHAKEN ready. And we’ll provide you with several million tokens each month until you’re ready to launch, all for a flat fee. We can scale with high-volume service that embeds right into your platform whenever you need it.

To find out how token-based authentication can work for your telecom business, get in touch today.