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STIR-SHAKEN Made Easy: How STIR-SHAKEN Helps You Filter Calls
March 23, 2021 at 12:00 AM
STIR-SHAKEN Made Easy: How STIR-SHAKEN Helps You Filter Calls

With the deadline for complying with the TRACED Act and implementing robocall protection measures now only months away, telecom providers of all sizes are scrambling to implement previously unfamiliar technologies. Some providers are still grappling with STIR-SHAKEN, trying to understand how exactly it helps with filtering calls.

At Prescott-Martini, we have over 150 years of combined experience working in the telecommunications industry. If you’re among those who are not entirely sure about STIR-SHAKEN and how it works, this article makes this new and sophisticated technology easier to understand.


STIR-SHAKEN uses a series of processes to check and ensure that calls are coming from a verified source.

First, the call originator sends a destination number through MySQL data link, after which we accept the call originator’s destination. Then we add a “verified caller ID” from our ANI inventory, which can include all your existing ANIs that have been ported to our CLEC or just a select few.

Following that, we produce our service provider signature certificate, generated through the STIR-SHAKEN admin. This certificate is accepted by all major telephone carriers in the U.S. as they also turn up STIR’SHAKEN on the termination side.

We then return the MySQL data so you can insert it into your SIP header. You also have the ability to add to the ANIs in your account and to edit or delete any of them.

The destination call receiver sees a similar message to the one you’ve inserted on their caller ID screen. However, the message may be different if the token is B or C level.

How this process filters calls

Telecommunications companies can see if numbers have been spoofed or altered as each call comes in. That enables them to block or intercept calls from potential scammers.

At the same time, calls that make it through to the customer won’t have a verified caller ID unless the call is legitimate, heavily minimizing chances that the customer will be tricked into responding to spam or engaging with a scam.

STIR-SHAKEN attestation

STIR-SHAKEN attestation uses trusted public key infrastructure, the same as that used for SSL certification for websites. The legitimacy of the public is ensured by the fact that it’s generated by the national STIR-SHAKEN admin, and only the carrier and the provider have access to the token.

This form of attestation also allows telecom companies to verify callers with increased accuracy. They can see if each caller has full, partial, or gateway attestation to more carefully determine if the call is likely to be for fraudulent reasons.

Do you need STIR-SHAKEN made easy for your company?

While STIR-SHAKEN may seem complex, it’s a highly effective technology that, in addition to being required by federal regulations, can help you filter fraudulent calls to provide your customers with robust protection against scammers. By working with Prescott-Martini, you can benefit from over 150 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry.

Our new STIR-SHAKEN implementation provides digital tokens in the data-stream of your company’s telephone calls, making it possible to accurately tell if they’re legitimate. Contact us today to get started.