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How STIR-SHAKEN call authentication technology can help you
September 24, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Two men looking at a phone after a business meeting. STIR-SHAKEN call authentication technology makes it more likely for everyone to answer the phone.

The world is more connected than ever. However, this access can sometimes be leveraged for nefarious purposes by scammers and worse. Luckily, STIR-SHAKEN call authentication technology combats that. If you are unsure how STIR-SHAKEN can help you, you came to the right place. At Prescott-Martini, we are the leading token provider and source of information. We will proudly help you bolster your reputation and optimize performance.

Here is how STIR-SHAKEN authentication can help you:

It blocks spam calls.

STIR-SHAKEN call authentication technology is crucial because it blocks spam calls. This aspect is revolutionizing telecommunications.

This technology makes it easier than ever to alert customers that a phone number is fraudulent, which saves time while protecting sensitive information. STIR-SHAKEN technology also makes it significantly more difficult to spoof phone numbers.

In 2020 Americans lost almost $30 billion to robocall scammers. STIR-SHAKEN verification technology makes spoofed numbers instantly traceable and enables customers and you to know which calls to trust.

If you have any questions about STIR-SHAKEN call authentication technology, at Prescott-Martini, we have the answers and can help you navigate this transition.

It helps your company's reputation.

STIR-SHAKEN call authentication is also critical to your company’s reputation. Failure to comply with these mandated regulations can severely impact public perception.

Moreover, failing to mitigate spam calls will make customers think you do not value their security and personal information. More importantly, failing to integrate STIR-SHAKEN technology will also have a direct impact on your customers, and consequently, your business.

Failure to comply will result in your customers’ calls being mislabeled as scams, or even your company’s calls being mislabeled, which makes it far less likely for people to answer. This mislabeling is an inexcusable inconvenience neither you nor your customers should tolerate, and it is crucial to avoid.

By integrating STIR-SHAKEN technology, you’re enabling customers to display where their calls originate from through this verification technology. Alternatively, it ensures that your business name is also always displayed, which is professional, appealing, and bolsters your reputation.

If you are unsure how STIR-SHAKEN call authentication technology can help you and your enterprise, you are in luck. At Prescott-Martini, we will gladly inform you of the benefits of STIR-SHAKEN, and we can help you implement this technology to solidify your reputation.

It helps your company’s performance.

Ultimately, STIR-SHAKEN call authentication technology will optimize your company’s performance, too. Firstly, this technology enables your company to verify your brand number.

Ensuring your company’s number does not appear as spam makes it far easier to get in touch with prospective clients. Research reports 65% of calls that display a business name on caller ID screens are answered, even if the business is not familiar.

Without STIR-SHAKEN call authentication technology, this caller ID display is impossible. Moreover, some extensions even enable you to present your calls in a brand-compliant way with your logo to increase call answer rates.

For your company's performance, your clients will appreciate that spoofed numbers are instantly traceable as proof that you care about their security. Plus, for telecommunications providers, STIR-SHAKEN enables your customers to obtain A-level attestation quickly and easily.

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The telecommunications landscape has changed dramatically for the better thanks, in large part, to STIR-SHAKEN call authentication technology. However, implementing this verification technology is no longer volitional; compliance is federally mandated. More severely, the repercussions far exceed penalties and can devastate your business. Luckily, Prescott-Martini is the leading resource of STIR-SHAKEN information and the leading authentication provider. Get in touch now to get started!