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How STIR/SHAKEN is Bolstering Telephone Identity Security
July 9, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Bolstering telephone identity security with STIR/SHAKEN tokens.

The final Traced Act deadline passed on June 30, and telecom providers must maintain compliance by authenticating every call originating from their subscribers. Prescott-Martini offers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind by providing scalable authentication options for telecom companies of all sizes. We’re one of the authorized national solutions providers helping implement STIR/SHAKEN authentication, a recent FCC regulation to bolster telephone identity security. Leave the authentication of your calls to Prescott-Martini: we’re experienced professionals with over a century in the telecommunications industry.

Here’s how STIR/SHAKEN is improving telephone identity security under the Traced Act.

Authorizing bodies issue STIR/SHAKEN service provider signature certificates

The protections of the Traced Act for consumers are only as good as the compliance by service providers. However, the new regulations aren’t meant to bog telecom companies down in time-consuming certification requirements. That’s why authorizing bodies can issue companies signature certificates. Those certificates empower them to attach SHAKEN tokens that let callers know a call is coming from a verified source and not a scammer.

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Prescott-Martini has the SHAKEN digital certification, which allows us to authenticate calls, providing them with verified call SIP headers in the MySQL data.

On the consumer end, their caller ID screen shows “Caller Verified” with a green checkmark or a similar message at the B or C token level. We partner with telecom providers to enable them to continue the operation of their businesses uninterrupted with absolute confidence in the telephone identity security of their callers.

We provide individual SHAKEN tokens with sensitive pricing.

Smaller telecom providers may not have the resources available to meet the Traced Act requirements. We bolster telephone identity security in the United States by providing affordable STIR/SHAKEN authentication for new and soon-to-be-launched service providers.

Our system of providing tokens differs from our signature certificate system. With this package, clients purchase individuals tokens, sending calls through Prescott-Martini. We add the call verification to SIP headers and either send the calls through to a Tier I carrier or your carrier for termination.

Alternatively, send a MySQL request for authentication, and we return the token for insertion into the caller ID header.

Accessible STIR/SHAKEN authentication will eliminate scam calls and robocalls in the future.

Scam calls and robocalls defrauded people of an estimated $10 billion in 2019, inspiring the drafting and passing of the Traced Act to augment phone calls with the same protections found on the internet.

STIR/SHAKEN lets callers know they can trust the source of a phone call because the provider has certified the source. Scammers can no longer spoof caller ID, and spam calls now terminate before they reach the recipient’s phone.

With SHAKEN tokens, your subscribers will reach their intended audience with more frequency. Soon, people will once again trust the calls they’re receiving. As much as 76 percent of people don’t answer the phone unless they know who’s calling. In contrast, many others are defrauded of thousands of dollars–sometimes their life savings by scam callers.

STIR/SHAKEN authentication tokens are a critical component of rebuilding consumer confidence in phone communication.

Contact Prescott-Martini, an authorized STIR/SHAKEN national provider for improved telephone identity security.

With the recently passed June 30 deadline for the Traced Act, we can help your company meet and maintain STIR/SHAKEN compliance. Prescott-Martini offers a range of services scalable to your business and your call volume, backed by over 150 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry. We help clients stay operational and reach their call destinations by outfitting SIP headers with the required authentication tokens.

Contact us through our easy online form to improve your telephone identity security. We’ll provide you with customized options for your unique business.