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Prescott-Martini, LLC’s STIR-SHAKEN Authentication Process
December 4, 2020 at 5:00 AM
A STIR/SHAKEN certificate authority is helping reduce the number of robocalls and spam across the U.S.

The passage of the TRACED Act (Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence) in early 2020 has had a significant impact on both large and small telecom service providers across the U.S. With the deadline to update operational procedures to become compliant with the FCC’s new regulations approaching next year, many providers are scrambling to find the best solution for their needs. At Prescott-Martini, LLC, we believe our STIR-SHAKEN authentication process is a viable choice for your business.

The Importance of STIR-SHAKEN Authentication

The most crucial reason for telecom service providers to implement STIR-SHAKEN authentication is to avoid compliance issues with the FCC. As recently as this month, the FTC punished a VoIP provider, Alcazar Networks Inc., for facilitating robocalls, and Globex Telecom, Inc. was fined a total of $1.9 million to settle similar charges in September. However, the benefits of our authentication service don’t just help protect your company. It’s also an invaluable tool to improve your end-users’ experience. By enacting more stringent requirements, your clients won’t have to deal with as many scam calls, confidence in caller ID information will be restored, and the amount of fraud occurring will diminish.

How Prescott-Martini, LLC Helps Keep You Compliant

Our highly skilled team has more than 150 years of combined knowledge and experience in the telecom space, so we’re well-equipped to handle major industry shakeups such as the TRACED Act. Our recommendation for your first steps is to gather information on all subscribers using your telecoms services to ensure the customer and the subscription’s end-user are the same. Once you have that information, validate the phone numbers used by subscribers. If the subscriber and the end-user of the service are different, you can use letters of authorization and delegate certificates.

In addition to these measures, Prescott-Martini, LLC’s patented-pending call authentication technology can provide further support to help you maintain compliance. It does that by putting each call through these strict protocols:

  • Accepting the call originator’s destination number through MySQL data link
  • Adding a “verified caller ID” from our ANI inventory, which can include any and all of your existing ANIs ported to our CLEC
  • Producing our Service Provider signature certificate, generated through the national STIR-SHAKEN admin
  • Returning MySQL data so you can then insert the data into your call SIP header; you may add, edit, or delete and ANI in your account

With our solution, you call answer rates will increase, and you’ll have Rich Call Data that allows you to display your caller name, organization logo, and the reason for your call. However, we also understand that hackers are savvy and will continue to search for ways to scam your clients. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing ongoing support when your current practices are no longer sufficient. We’ll continue to look for innovative ways to help you maintain call security for customers and reduce the number of robocalls.

Is Your Company Equipped to Remain Compliant Under the TRADES Act?

At Prescott-Martini, LLC, we understand that navigating these new FCC regulations is daunting for many telecom service providers, but you don’t have to go it alone. Our staff is prepared to provide the support you need to ensure you remain compliant before the June 30, 2021 deadline. If you’re a small provider, you can sign up for our stand-by service, and we’ll take care of the engineering and testing now, so you’re ready to implement our solutions before the June 30, 2022 deadline. Learn more about how we can help your business by visiting us online.