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Beginner’s Guide to Prescott-Martini, LLC Robocall Blocker
July 23, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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A robocall is any phone call made using an automatic dialing system or that contains a pre-recorded or artificial message. Even if a live person is on the end of the line, the call may have been made using an auto dialer.

Robocalls have frequently been used for automated marketing purposes. This is seen with the number of companies that have been hit with lawsuits based on allegations of using robocalls to promote their services.

Prescott-Martini works with businesses to implement STIR/SHAKEN and establish more reliable, secure communications. It’s critical for any organization to know when to pick up the phone and when not to. It’s also equally important that their own calls are reputable and verified as legitimate.

In this post, we’ll provide you with a beginner’s guide to the Prescott Martini, LLC robocall blocker and the benefits of using it to help mitigate these problems.

Why Are Robocalls A Concern?

As mentioned above, robocalls have become common in society and are generally just an annoyance. One can get a high volume of them over time, as millions of these are made to Americans daily. Someone answering these calls may be able to tell that they are not legitimate and simply hang up, but for others, it’s not as noticeable when