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How to Prepare for the June 30 TRACED Act Deadline
April 5, 2021 at 9:30 PM
TRACED act deadline.

Billions of robocalls terminate in the United States each year. Of them, about 47% are scams, dominating the legitimate uses for robocalling, including payment reminders, telemarketing, alerts, and other reminders. For over a decade, the illegal use of robocalling overwhelmed both consumers and businesses in the United States, leading congress to enact regulatory legislation. President Trump signed the TRACED Act into law on December 30th of 2019, with an upcoming June 30th deadline for compliance. The act requires all calls terminating in the US (including those originating internationally) to have a STIR-SHAKEN token attached.

The TRACED Act is dense with technical language specific to the telecommunications industry. Instead of risking non-compliance by missing a critical aspect of the deadline, work with an authorized provider, like Martini-Prescott.

What is the Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence (TRACED) Act?

The TRACED act of 2019 gives law enforcement greater ability to prosecute scammers. It requires legitimate companies to use STIR-SHAKEN tokens so that call recipients can identify the companies and individuals calling them. It also extended the statute of limitations, giving law enforcement up to four years to prosecute violators.

The FCC can now fine robocall scammers up to $10,000 for telemarketing attempts. It’s more important than ever for legitimate businesses to ensure their calls are certified with STIR-SHAKEN tokens to avoid prosecution and fines.

Why is the June 30th deadline critical for businesses?

After June, any company that isn’t using authentication tokens for their calls may be auto-blocked or sent directly to the call recipient’s voicemail. For major companies, an interruption in the use of robocalls for even a day could cause significant disruption.

Prescott-Martini, an FCC authorized provider of verified phone numbers and STIR-SHAKEN tokens, can prepare your company for the TRACED Act long before the June 30th deadline.

What are STIR-SHAKEN tokens?

STIR-SHAKEN refers to two aspects of the new authentication framework.

  • STIR: Secure Telephone Identity Revisited
  • SHAKEN: Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using Tokens

Together they’re used to thwart the use of spoofed numbers by ensuring the number that shows up on a caller ID log is the same as the one from which a call originates.

The TRACED Act applies to all calls that terminate in the United States, regardless of where they originate. Prescott-Martini offers three unique solutions for international companies doing business in the US.

We provide a 302 redirect service to deliver tokens to a virtual platform.

An internationally based company can send an MYSQL query which receives a 302 response. They’re able to read the token and install the token on the SIP header for the platform of the device in use.

We locate and operate a software solution on an international client’s soft switch platform.

This is a faster - and more secure - solution than a 302 redirect. We provide a token based on just two parameters–dialed number and caller ID.

The client can put the provided token onto the SIP header for the device in use. It’s a resilient system on the client’s network, not ours, allowing unlimited installation of both containers and tokens.

A simple termination solution.

The simplest solution we provide is for international clients to send calls to us via VoIP. We add the requisite STIR-SHAKEN token and end the call on the highest level carrier possible–Tier One. We can provide this simplified service at a meager cost of around $.0022/minute with an added $.0002 token fee per call.

Contact Prescott-Martini for more on the TRACED Act and how to prepare your company with robocall mitigation.

Prescott-Martini is an FCC-authorized STIR-SHAKEN solutions provider. We work with companies to reduce incoming robocalls and provide tokens to their outgoing calls. Our team has over 150 years of technical experience in the telecommunications industry they’re now devoting to helping international clients adhere to the new robocall regulations.

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