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How telephone caller identity can help your business
August 5, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How telephone caller identity can help your business

If you run a business that depends on outbound phone calls to drive sales or grow your client base, telephone caller identity is an essential piece to your success. With the help of Prescott-Martini, you can build trust, your brand, increase answer rates, and fight spammers. If you’re still not sold on the capabilities of caller identity services, read our guide below to see more about how each of those will help your business.

Build trust

Everyone has received calls from robocallers or spammers. They often use a technique called spoofing where they use a system to create a fake number and mimic one from the same area in which your number comes from. For example, if you have a cell phone number from Dallas but you live in Seattle, you’re going to get a significant amount of robocalls from numbers that show they’re from the Dallas area. This is because spammers will use phone numbers from that area to try to get you to answer the phone thinking it might be someone you know. Additionally, they’ll often pose as government agencies or departments like the IRS or law enforcement to try to get you to share sensitive information. With the help of telephone caller identity, you can build trust with your customers in that you are who you say you are as well as where you say you’re from.

Build your brand

Anytime you can have your brand recognized, it’s a plus. Caller ID is a great way to improve your brand and your customers’ awareness. Every time you call a customer or potential customer, your brand name will show up on their phone. This not only puts your name in their mind but it also lets them know that you care about the small details like making sure your customers know who’s calling them on a Thursday afternoon. You can establish true positivity with your brand name with the help of caller identity services.

Increased answer rates

We all do it. When we get an inbound call from somebody who’s either not in our contacts list or their name doesn’t show up otherwise, we send it directly to voicemail. Registering your business with a telephone caller identity database will allow your name to show up even when you’re not in the call recipient’s contacts list. This will result in increased answer rates, improved customer interaction, and rising sales. Calling customers or potential customers won’t be such a tedious task anymore as they’re much more likely to answer the phone when they can see who’s calling.

Fight spammers

A big way that we can fight spam callers and robocallers is by getting caller ID. If all businesses can build trust with customers before they pick up the phone, eventually the only calls that won’t be answered are those of spammers. Once the tactic of the robocaller no longer works, eventually scammers will abandon the practice altogether. Are we quite a ways away from such a dream? Yes, we are, but you can start fighting spammers today with the help of telephone caller identity.

Schedule a call

If you’d like to learn more about our telephone caller identity services, schedule a call today. You can use our online contact form to get in touch with our team at Prescott-Martini and we’ll share with you all you need to know about caller identity and how it can benefit you. Our company has more than 150 years of total experience in telecommunications security so we know we can help you.