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How Does STIR/SHAKEN Maintain Phone Privacy?
October 11, 2022 at 6:00 PM
How Does STIR/SHAKEN Maintain Phone Privacy?

Combating robocalls and phone privacy have continued to become priorities with the FCC. With approximately 4 billion of these calls sent to consumers every month, the problem has become a serious issue for all of us.

As the FCC’s post describes, voice providers are now required to take some actions in cooperating with these tactics:

“The FCC requires voice service providers to file certifications in the FCC’s new Robocall Mitigation Database to inform the agency of their STIR/SHAKEN implementation status and, in some cases, their robocall mitigation efforts.”

As an authorized provider of STIR/SHAKEN digital certificates, Prescott-Martini is helping providers accomplish this vital FCC objective. Below, we’ve provided crucial information for you to know and understand the core te