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See technology in a new light
With an approach that emphasizes sustainability and planning, you'll find working with us to be collaborative and easy.
At Prescott-Martini, LLC, we know how to meet our clients' technology needs. We're a company focused on taking your challenges and finding way to solve them that make your business more efficient. We work to understand how your business runs and how to effectively use technology to meet not only your everyday requirements but also your long-term goals. It's a great time to change the way you look at technology, and we'd be happy to show you how.
Stir Shaken and other Services

We are passionate about guiding clients to the best technical solution tailored to meet their needs while complying with all Federal requirements. Our strategies are constantly evolving as new possibilities emerge.

    How does that work?

    A KISS description of the STIR-SHAKEN application

  • These are the keys:

    ​The TCPA is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act that was enacted to protect consumers from unsolicited telemarketers and other types of marketers who do not have permission to contact them or who break other TCPA laws

  • Data Products
    Our North America telecom data base provides a full-service data listing, including these returns. Link here for a description.

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